Shuttle Bus Service
The Shuttle Bus service runs between the Festival showground on Bodafon Fields by the Sea Front and the Extravaganza in the Town Centre.

A circular route is followed to avoid congestion.

Buses depart from the terminal points at typical intervals of 10 minutes, but when the queues need busting they may leave as soon as they are full, perhaps every 3 minutes when really busy.

Dogs and push-chairs may be accommodated with the permission of the conductor. Please do not bring open food and drink on board.

Vehicles of various ages and types are provided to ensure variety, but as they are heritage vehicles they are not necessarily acessible by passengers with reduced mobility. Open top double-deckers have been known to appear in fine weather.

Saturday & Sunday
Regular departures from town and festival from 10:00am until 4:30pm.
Evening tours are also run for viewing the road-runs. Please check with service marshalls for information.
Regular departures from town and festival from 10:00am until 4:00pm.

Passengers may board and alight only at the terminal points by the Festival entrance in Nant-y-gamar Road and in town at Vaughan Street between Mostyn Street and the Promenade.

The Shuttle Bus Service is provided free of charge.